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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Whadya Bring Me? Souvenirs that Everyone Will Love

If you drive yourself or your family to your vacation destination, it's nice to stop in each state you cross through and pick up a little something with that particular state's namesake. Normally you can find an impressive selection of souvenirs near the borders of the states, at an Oasis, truck stops, or individual souvenir stores. Most of these stores have at least one clearance table where you can find some really great deals that everyone will love.

The most popular souvenirs are refrigerator magnets in the shape of the state or depicting the states persona. Coming in second would be shot glasses and ashtrays, whether you're a drinker, a smoker or not, these make cute little knickknacks. Key chains, stickers and miscellaneous art depicting the state symbol, bird or flower make nice gifts for kids or as back-ups in case you accidentally forget someone.

Miniature spoons, bells, and tea sets are a great gift and look nice on a display rack, often sold with a wide selection of state spoons. And who can walk away without buying at least one t-shirt or hat with the states name or logo on it?

Theme parks like Disney, Universal Orlando, Sea World, Great America, Indiana Beach and the like, normally have masses of retail stores with clothes, toys, hats and knickknacks that can only be purchased from them. Many also have outlets where you can buy personalized gifts, like a necklace with a persons name written on a single grain of rice (which is available at most theme parks,) or an air brushed T-shirt, personalized in any way as you wish.

Most theme parks have a souvenir photo shop where you can dress in a variety of costumes and pose for a photo in an old time western background. These professionals photographers do an excellent job in making your picture look as realistic and old fashioned as possible. You can pose as a cowboy or a bandit, a saloon gal or a proper lady and be pictured in an old time MOST WANTED poster. There are a variety of costumes, backgrounds, and posters available offering a choice of photo packages to choose from. These make great souvenirs or as personal gifts.

Medieval Times has a great selection of souvenirs that would appeal to all ages. From costumes, to costume jewelry to real swords and daggers, you'll find these all at Medieval Times. There are a number of packages you can buy to become knighted, where you will have a public ceremony with the King and Princess and have your picture taken with them. After the ceremony you will receive a certificate of your knighthood and a real sword to take home with you.

New York is popular for its "I love NY" logos. New York is a very proud state and you can find their name on almost anything, from T-shirts to pencils. The souvenir selection in New York is endless.

It's always nice to pick up a post card and mail it to a friend or family member. Many of these post cards have pictures of your vacation area that would add a nice touch, showing your friend or family member that you are thinking about them.

When ever selecting a souvenir for a family member or friend, keep in mind what would be a thoughtful gift for this person? For a child or an adult with an affinity for teddy bears, find a cute plush bear with the theme park or state logo. For the knickknack collector, shot glasses, bells, miniature tea sets or spoons would be a nice addition to their collection. Older children or teenagers would most likely enjoy a T-shirt or some other thoughtful gift. Wherever you go, make sure that your souvenirs include the state's name or logo, or if you go to a resort or theme park, make sure the gift bears its name.


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